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Welcome to Maximum Detail, the one stop online store for your needs of premium car care products. We are just like any car enthusiast out there who cares about the appearance of their cars and likes their cars to be in prestige condition, just like the day it just came out from the factory. The brands and products we stock are well known brands that are used by professional detailers overseas in the UK, USA, and Asia . The products are not limited to just car care products but also marine products.

We stock a wide range of products such as Auto Finesse, CarPro, Scholl Concepts, Swissvax, POLISHANGEL, Wheel Woolie and EZ detail. Our goal is to give New Zealand a wide range of detailing and car care products from around the globe to choose from. New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere and it is hard to get hold of products at times such as from Europe; that is why Maximum Detail is here to provide New Zealand the best car care products on the market.

We also do car detailing service for whoever wanted their car to look in new and fresh condition. We use all quality products that we stock for our detailing service. We also provide nano coatings such as CQuartz ceramic coating to who ever wants exceptional protection on their car. For those garage queen who wanted premium quality wax, we can also provide them with wax such as POLISHANGEL-Majeste de Passion (75% carnauba). We do not just clean car, we give them a makeover. Our detailing services consists of paint correction, paint prep and finishing. We use proper steps and techniques to get the car into a new shine. For those who wanted to know more about the service:

Please do not hesitate to contact us: customerservice@maxdetail.co.nz


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