Artdeshine in NZ!

Artdeshine in NZ!

Artdeshine Sicko and Organic shampoo is available in NZ. Artdeshine is manufactured in Singapore and focus on high end car detailing products especially on their coating products.


The ArtdeSicko is formulated for the purpose of express sio2 coating for the car paint protection. In all seasons, especially in winter. This chemical can be exposed to water in one hour and during application, the temperature is not the issue.
The chemical select is to get a gentle and deep colour gloss once in contact. Both cristobalite and polydimethylsiloxane are used to get a hybrid process and to have water resistance and also a light gelation. This will make the coating functional better bonding to paint and also last longer.

  • Easy clean characteristic
  • Acid and alkaline protection
  • Protected against light abrasion
  • Anti microbial protection, inhibition of algae growth
  • Hydrophobic action
  • Deep gloss effect
  • Durability is optimal 6 months



Artdeshine Organic Shampoo:

ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo or Multi-purpose Cleaner is a unique blend of builders, surfactants, chelating agents and water. This product has been formulated specially for application through steam cleaning equipment and can be used either hot or cold to remove grease, dirt, oil and grime. Non-suds chemical for cleaning of cars and parts and easy rinsing.


ArtDeShine pad is a multipurpose foam pad for any usage of applying tyre dressing, coating, wax, etc.


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