New products from Scholl Concept

New products from Scholl Concept

More New products from Scholl Concepts just arrived!

Perfect for enthusiasts and professional! New products will be updated soon on the website for purchased! New polishes and compound! New Exterior and Interior care products!


ICE - ICE is a unique and highly effective glass cleaning product and will not run off, even when sprayed on vertical surfaces, making it more effective and very economical to use.

Scholl Concepts RIM 7 is a highly effective, acid-free gel, designed to effortlessly clean heavily contaminated wheels. the colour of RIM-7 will change from red to black, indicating when it can be rinsed off. Just spray on, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse off.

Scholl Concepts SPAM Universal Cleaner is a highly effective and material friendly universal cleaner aimed at the effortless removal of a wide range of dirt and grime on almost all surfaces in cars, boats, caravans, furniture and at home. Its ready to use formula leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Scholl Concepts Purple Interior Shine is a supreme semi-matt finish for dashboard, artificial and smooth leather, trim strip, etc. Purple has been specially formulated to offer optimal care and protection of all smooth surfaces found in car, home and boat interiors.

A rich and luxurious four-in-one shampoo, designed to clean, rinse dry, improve gloss and add short-term protection in one easy step.

Scholl Concepts SKIN Leather Gel 250g is a natural care gel for all kinds of smooth leather. Made from the natural ingredients - a combination of sunflower oil, beeswax and almond oil - it nourishes the leather while providing a long-lasting seal.

Vintage is a 200ml pure Carnauba blend with Cacao that gives long-lasting protection and a class-rivalling finish. Premium Vintage Wax has a higher content of natural Carnauba wax and increased durability as a result. A six-star rated (protection level) handmade wax it leaves a stunning finish and has a mouth-watering chocolate scent. It can truly be described as a Concours wax.


Scholl Concepts S2 Orange High Performance Cutting Compound has been designed specifically for paint finishing work on scratch resistant surfaces including UV cured paints.Cut: Extra heavy (5/6) Gloss: High (4/6)  Sanding Paper: P1500

Scholl Concepts S40 is the finest of the Scholl Concepts compounds based on a highly refined aluminium oxide. A microfine Nano-Compound, it can remove light defects such as 5000 grit sanding marks, fine microscratches, swirl marks and holograms and is recommended for dark car paints - scratch-resistant or conventional. Cut: Microfine Gloss: Extreme Sanding Paper: P5000

SCHOLL Concepts S20 Blue One-Step Polishing Paste is a universal cutting compound designed for light correction work on modern ceramic nano-particle and scratch-resistant clearcoats. S20B features advanced lubricants that extend its working time, while its filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary. For Sticky and soft paints, S20B would be an ideal 1 step polishing paste due to its extra lubricants in the contents for long working time. Cut: Medium (3/6) Gloss: High (4/6)  Sanding Paper: P2500

New products will be updated soon on the website for purchased!

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