1969 Volkswagen Beetle

1969 Volkswagen Beetle

A customer was asked to check if his beetle was okay to be Cquartz coated after a restoration job being done. After initial inspection of paint after resprayed, the paint job was actually not up to standard. The paint was left with Buffer trails and holograms everywhere on the paint, even with some deep RIDS left by wiping off residue with a dirty rag. After talking with the owner on the procedure that we are going to do on the Beetle, the owner decided to go with it. It was a tough one but well worth it! Scholl Concepts definately gives the car its real gloss back!

Some products used for the job:

  • Optimum No rinse
  • Rupes Bigfoot
  • Flex rotary
  • Scholl pads and Rupes pads
  • Scholl Concepts S30+
  • Scholl Concepts S3 Gold
  • CarPro Eraser
  • CquartzUK
  • Reload

This is the paint that we are going to rectify (Only got shots of Before pic but you would understand how bad it is and it applies to the whole car)

Some after pic being done with Scholl S30+

Some reflection shots on how well Scholl S30+ bring the gloss back

Tail lights also being corrected, getting rid of swirls and scratches using S3 Gold and S30+

Some shots of paint after being Cquartz!

Pure reflection from Chrome!

Thanks for looking!


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