CarPro Update!

CarPro Update!

New Carpro products coming!


New Cquartz UK 2014 edition!

A new fast flashing carrier was used to enhance curing in difficult conditions, and the silica-quartz content was increased to a scarcely believable 70% creating an even harder and purer glass layer. These enhancement allowed CQ UK to be easily applied in temperatures as low as 41-degrees Fahrenheit (5 Degrees Celcius),with even higher levels of beauty and protection, making it the unofficial pinnacle of our consumer Cquartz line.

See how Cquartz UK 2014 work!



New CarPro Reload 2014 edition!

Better Slickness, Better durability, Better chemical resistance, Same easy application with New price!


New Cquartz DLUX packaging, same formula, Same price, same awesome durability!

New Carpro BOA microfiber 500GSM! Thick and plush for better polishing and wipe off.

Stay Tune for more CarPro products!

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