CquartzUK Aurion Metallic Orange

CquartzUK Aurion Metallic Orange

CquartzUK Aurion Metallic Orange

This Toyota Aurion is booked in for Paint correction and CquartzUK is the chosen coating for the customer. We gave an extra mile by putting a last lsp on top of CarPro Reload(standard with cquartz coating) PolishAngel Majeste de Passion wax. Sorry that we do not have the washing part as we only have it for 2 days. It only runs about 25k on the clock and the paint was hammered with big swirled and iron deposits! Took us about 3.5 hours to just clean the car before claying. Products used:

  • Pressure wash with Iron X snow soap for snow foam
  • Iron X snow soap with 2 bucket wash system
  • Iron X
  • Tar X
  • Wheel woolie on arch and other wheel areas
  • Scholl concepts S3 Gold
  • Scholl concepts S30+
  • yellow lake country pad
  • CarPro wool pad
  • orange lake country pad
  • CarPro finishing pad
  • Flex Pe-14 and 3401
  • Swissvax waffle weave towel
  • Boa microfiber
  • Cquartz UK
  • FlyBy 30
  • 303 Aerospace
  • PERL
  • Cquartz fabric and leather
  • Optimum Power clean

I will let the picture do the judgement:

50/50 process only after Scholl Concepts S3 Gold not refining yet

After refining with Scholl Concepts S30+, too bad the paint had a thick orange peel from factory.

Engine cleaned and protected with aerospace 303

Interior with Cquartz leather and fabric protection


Thanks for looking!

Feel free to contact us if you require any detail service by us or free quote for your vehicle for a paint correction service.


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