Toyota GT86 new car CQUARTZUK

Toyota GT86 new car CQUARTZUK

Toyota GT86 new car CQUARTZUK

Toyota GT86 a beautiful driving machine in metalic black. We received a call from the customer that his brand new car from the Japan has just arrived in Auckland dock and wanted to give it to us to prep for cquartzUK coating. After some chat, he decided to drive all the way from Auckland dock to Hamilton on the night after getting all the paperwork done, registration of the car and etc. On arrival on the night, the car was not in a very good shape, very dirty with dirt from Japan and even baked in water spot (you will know what i mean when you see the pictures). On that night after the customer left his car to us, we started one job on the windshield and windows as its still got white and yellow writings on the windshield with gum on the inside of the windshield (Sorry, no pic on that one). The next day, we started snow foaming down, 2 bucket wash, decon with Iron X and Tar X, snow foam again, clayed and prep ready for polishing. It is shocking to see brand new car with some crazy scratches and marks. Let the pictures do the talking (sorry for some quality of the pic!) and before that list of products that we used:

  • CarPro wash mitt
  • Iron X
  • Tar X
  • Iron X snow soap
  • CarPro Eraser
  • Clay and ONR as lube (need to finish off that big 5L of ONR)
  • Scholl S3 Gold compound
  • Scholl S30+ nano polish
  • FLEX PE-15
  • Waffle orange and Black finish pad
  • Wheel woolies
  • CquartzUK
  • Cquartz DLUX
  • Cquartz Fabric and leather
  • Flyby30
  • Polishangel Master Sealant
  • 360 radius wax
  • BOA microfiber cloth

On arrival

Paint defects on brand new car! after Eraser wipedown


Scholl concepts compound and polish combo with FLEX to refine and give its perfect finish!

After all refining and polish, no coating or LSP on it and looks like a mirror! This is how good Scholl concepts polish are!


Engine dressed!

Exhaust and rims sealed with 360 radius!


CquartzUK on the way!

Cquartz Fabric and leather on the interior!

Some quick shots of CquartzUK before final LSP with Polish angel Master sealant (customer opted for extra final LSP with Polishangel)! It looks like it does not need any sealant at all!! CquartzUK, very easy to use and give you best protection!

CquartzDLUX on headlight!

Some more SHOTS!


Now the final LSP with Polishangel Master sealant! adds more gloss and depth!

Thanks for looking if you made it this far!


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