BMW 320i E90 2007 CquartzUK!

BMW 320i E90 2007 CquartzUK!

BMW 320i E90 2007 CquartzUK!

BMW 320i E90 opted for CquartzUK protection! Came in for 2 stage paint correction and Cquartz UK detail. Car was bought in 2007 and never been TLC before and car had no protection at all on the paint. There is a LOT of Tar and iron contaminants on the car. Decon and 2BM took about 3 hours. Car was only with us for 2 days so did not took as many pictures as I wanted but all I can say, this job was very rewarding. Some products that we used:

  • 2BM with IronX snow soap
  • Carpro Iron X
  • Carpro Tar X
  • Optimum Power clean
  • Wheel woolie
  • Pinnacle claybar
  • ONR lube
  • Swissvax dry towel
  • Carpro Wash mitt
  • Flex PE-14
  • M101 + D300
  • Scholl concepts S3 Gold
  • Lake country Yellow cutting pad
  • Waffle weave black finishing pad from Polishangel
  • BOA microfiber cloth from Carpro
  • Eraser wipedown
  • CquartzUK kit
  • CquartzDLUX
  • Carpro FlyBy30
  • Poorboys wheel sealant
  • Cquartz Fabric and leather

No protection after Foam wash

Some 50/50

After Shot with no LSP or any wax

Its CquartzUK curing!


The Next day, gloss is even better!

Sun Shot!


Thanks for looking!





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