Authorized Scholl Concepts user

Authorized Scholl Concepts user

Authorized Scholl Concepts user

The Gloss Master Ltd has been through testing Scholl Concepts polishes and compound and we are proud to have the Gloss Master becoming an Authorized Scholl Concepts user for all their clients' from a simple polish to high end forensic cut and polish. The Gloss master will give you the best shine and gloss to your paint.

Scholl concepts has been around for 50 years of experience providing top quality and performance detailing products. Their rubbing compound is so famous that it has reference from famous car manufacturers around the world and is used behind these manufacturer's bodyshop department before car production is finish. It is also proudly 'Made in Germany'.´╗┐

The Gloss Master Ltd take pride and passion in their job and their clients' will be 'Satisfaction Guaranteed'. The Gloss Master will go through their expert eye of detail by AJ Benton who carefully assess the paintwork and give the car the best finish possible. If anyone who is located in Auckland and is looking to get their car the best gloss and shine possible, please do not hesitate to contact the Gloss Master.

Address of Gloss Master:
8/21 Poland Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland


Mobile: 0212304807


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