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PURPLE Vinylcare Liquid
Highly active polymers ensuring a durable silky matt shine. It is quick drying, streak free and d..
Ex Tax: $33.87
Revive trim dressing 250ml
Revive trim dressing is an easy to use, durable satin finishing gel formulated to bring life back..
Ex Tax: $26.91
SKIN premium leather gel
Made with essentials of natural ingredients and is a natural care for all kinds of smooth leather..
Ex Tax: $36.48
Skin Wash 500ml
DK Skin Wash is a multi purpose cleaner for both Plastic and leather all in one. Most brands have..
Ex Tax: $30.39
So 2 Pure 120ml
Introducing Nano-TiO2 Photo catalyst treatment, the next generation of car air purification techn..
Ex Tax: $23.43
SPAM Universal Cleaner
Just One Cleaner for a variety of cleaning solutions: -Ready to Use -Pleasant fresh fragrance..
Ex Tax: $26.04
Suede Microfiber 10x10
If you ever run out of suede microfiber supplied by the Glasscoating, these special Ultra sonic ..
Ex Tax: $11.26
Swissvax Crystal Glass cleaner
Swissvax Crystal Glass Cleaner is a premixed, ready-to-use glass cleaner that appeals to even the..
Ex Tax: $33.04
Swissvax Interior Brush
Detailing dust brush for the thorough cleaning of the interior. Easily frees vents, radio, contro..
Ex Tax: $26.04
Swissvax Leather Cleaner
The Swissvax Leather Cleaner is a highly effective but gentle liquid leather cleaner in an atomiz..
Ex Tax: $51.30
Swissvax Leather Milk
The Swissvax Leather Milk is an easy-to-apply leather refreshing and care product containing anti..
Ex Tax: $56.52
Swissvax Protecton
Plastic and vinyl parts in and on automobiles are exposed to various negative immissions that cau..
Ex Tax: $56.52
Swissvax Seal Feed
Let's get it right to the point: Rubber has nothing to do with plastics. Quite contrary, rubber i..
Ex Tax: $77.39
Total interior APC
Total Interior Cleaner is an all purpose cleaner that can cope with the toughest of jobs but its ..
Ex Tax: $28.65
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