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POLISHANGEL® | Esclate lotion | The original
POLISHANGEL ® Esclate lotion paint cleaner is the anti-aging care for your paint, contributing pa..
Ex Tax: $29.52
POLISHANGEL® | Glaycolic Cleansing Bar
The perfect preparation for painting begins with Glaycolic Cleansing Bar An intensely defined ..
Ex Tax: $60.83
POLISHANGEL® | Master Final Polish II
The POLISHANGEL ® Master Final Polish II mirror finish provides a perfect high gloss and removes ..
Ex Tax: $29.52
Purple foam polishing pad
Scholl Concepts Purple Foam polishing pad is a medium to hard, multipurpose foam pad suitable for..
Ex Tax: $43.43
Red Cutting pad 6.5'
Compounding pad Back is Velcro-type. Excellent for remove heavy scratch ..
Ex Tax: $21.69
Rejuvenate 250ml
Rejuvenate pre wax cleanser is designed to clean and condition paintwork prior to the application..
Ex Tax: $33.00
Rupes Bigfoot Polishing Foam
A box of 2 foam pad Rupes Blue pad This pad is the first step in the RUPES Big Foot Po..
Ex Tax: $33.00
Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital Polisher LHR21ES Deluxe kit Mark II
The next generation of RUPES is here – the RUPES Bigfoot Mark II Polishers. Built with everything..
Ex Tax: $790.00
Rupes Microfiber pads 150mm
  RUPES Big Foot Microfibre Finishing Pads Yellow (Medium). 150mm.  Box of 2 ..
Ex Tax: $39.00
S0 matting compound 1L
Scholl concepts has been around for 50 years of experience providing top quality and performance ..
Ex Tax: $65.17
S2 Orange Rubbing Compound
Scholl Concepts S2 Orange High Performance Cutting Compound has been designed specifically for pa..
Ex Tax: $65.17
S20B 1 step Polishing paste
SCHOLL Concepts S20 Blue One-Step Polishing Paste is a universal cutting compound designed for li..
Ex Tax: $65.17
S30+ nano compound
Scholl concepts has been around for 50 years of experience providing top quality and  perfor..
Ex Tax: $73.00
S40 Anti Hologram compound
Scholl Concepts S40 is the finest of the Scholl Concepts compounds based on a highly refined alum..
Ex Tax: $65.17
SOFTTouch Wool pad 135mm
Scholl Concepts SOFTouch Wool pad is the Heavy cut polishing pad with the advantages of the lambs..
Ex Tax: $34.74
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