Glide Clay Lubricant 500ml

Glide Clay Lubricant 500ml
Brand: Auto Finesse
Product Code: AF-GCL500
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Is a dedicated clay slip to help aid the claying stage and reduce the risk of scratching or marring your paintwork finish in the process. With no added waxes glide is a pure as it comes, combined with our Clay bar fine and you have the perfect combo to remove bonded contaminates from any paint type surface. Making Clay an easier to use detailing products.

Directions for use:

1: Ensure vehicle has been washed thoroughly.

2: Apply liberally to a small section at a time, approx 30x30cm

3: Glide your clay across the paintwork in back forward motions making sure to keep the area well dosed with lube.

4: Repeat as necessary until your clay no longer picks up any transfer and dry each section at a time.

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