DK Car Hydra 500ml

DK Car Hydra 500ml
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Car Hydra is a car shampoo which is paint-work friendly and is applicable to any car paint surface. It provides perfect results with long-lasting protection to the painted surface. It is a concentrated solution and is effective in removing contaminants from the car paint surface while protecting the wax layer on the car during washing. The shampoo with a netural PH character and natural wax assures total safety to the user. Car Hydra may be diluted for preference. C

Car Hydra is a double action shampoo, highly concentrated and soft. It is possible to dilute it with a ratio of 1:3. However, please take note that the effectiveness would be compromised if diluted. Please dilute according to your desired usage or preference. WIth the natural wax content, you would experience the enhancement of gloss effect on the car paint. Car Hydra is also soft to the hands and therefore will not cause any skin irritation as it's a high PH product.


Rinse the car thoroughly, commencing from the roof then to the lower section of the car. Ensure dust and fine sand are washed down. Prepare a pail of clean water. Dip "wash mitt" in the water pail and change the water. Repeat process.

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