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Cquartz - Ceramic Quartz paint protection is a special nanotechnology product iwth a long term effect on painted surfaces, plastic trims, glass and wheels. This is not a sealer that forms a barrier but rather a modification of the surface chemistry on a moelcular level to provide a permanent easy to clean and protective surface.
The HydroPhobic effect works by repelling water and preventing adherance of any contaminants.
It cannnot removed by water, Alkaline or other detergents or high pressure equipment.
Cquartz will guarantee that the surface keeps its original clarity and transparency. We have discovered also new property, Fire and flame retarding property due to ceramic and silica mixture coat.
Our special unique coat has another major benefit "Anti Calcium Effect" with most other sealants or nano coatings, dried water spots penetrate the coat, then its very hard to wipe them off, with our coat it will not bond to the coat and will be very easy to remove the water spot.
Cquartz can be applied to any surface: glass, wheels, plastics, leather and rubber surface as well.

•    Anti scratch improved by 50%
•    Fire and flame retardant
•    Insulation property 
•    Anti static
•    Anti acids and salts
•    Excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish.
•    HydroPhobic Water-repelling
•    Anti Calcium effect
•    Dirt-deflecting
•    Easy to clean/self cleaning effect
•    Weather protection
•    UV - weather-resistant
•    Insects and flies repellent
•    Anti corrosion
•    No more waxing!
•    Preserve car value condition
Note: Cquartz is very good to use on Matt color paint, will not shine or gloss the paint!

Preparation check list

1. Wash vehicle with IronX Soap Gel, rinse and dry.
2. Remove tar spots from paintwork.
3. If the paintwork feels uneven you may need to use clay bar to remove surface contaminates.
4. If required, compound polish each panel to remove light scratches and swirls (use a silicone free polish only!), use 1:1 Iso
5. Use Eraser to remove any signs of oil or wax from the car.
6. Use a soft micro fibre cloth to buff the painted surface to remove dust and smudges.
For best results apply Cquartz in a well-lit, cool, dry environment.
Never apply in direct sunlight or when the surface is hot.
Note: ensure you work in a well ventilated area!

How to use:
1. Shake well, pour few drops on cosmetic cotton pad. or on the applicator wraped with the suede MF
2. Apply C.Quartz in stright lines, criss-cross way on each car panel.
3. Wait 20~30 min. then wipe off gently with soft MF/suede MF, short loop fibers fabric.
4. Let dry for: 1hour at 25 degrees Celcius or 3 hours at 15 degrees Celcius.
5. Avoid washing the vehicle with any soap for 7 days. Rinsing with water is ok.
6. Option to accelerate the cure by using IR lights.
7. Avoid re-using the wipe off MF's, they will harden and crystalise.
8. Working temperature: 10 ~ 30 degrees Celcius.
9. During the first ten minutes, any missing spots which were missed or not coated can be applied again. But only during this time, afterward dont try to re-fill missing spots, otherwise it will stain the paint.


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