Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital Polisher LHR15ES Deluxe kit

Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital Polisher LHR15ES Deluxe kit
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The latest generation of polisher sets the standard for the polishing industry. The Big Foot Polisher is an amazing tool that allows you to obtain excellent results in no time. RUPES RULHR15ES is a 15mm orbit and its the LHR21ES smaller brother. Normal D/A polisher only runs about 4mm to 8mm orbit, so this LHR15ES packed a lot power.

Please choose the selection type of compound before purchasing:
Scholl concepts 1 litre (can last for about 20 to 30 average size sedan cars or maybe more)
If you choose Scholl Concepts compound, you save about 40%!
  RRP on Scholl Concepts polish compound

LESS steps, LESS time, LESS compound consumption and GREATER profits. 

The RUPES RULHR15ES Polisher is extremely easy to use, enabling even less experienced operators to achieve professional results. The 15mm orbital action results in a high gloss, no hologram finish, 40% reduction in time and labour and significant reduction in energy consumption. The soft start-up feature spreads polishing pastes without wastage. The polisher ensures a perfect finish with its random orbital motion and large throw. One of the biggest advantages of the LHR 15ES is that no swirls or holograms are instilled into the paint as you polish. A conventional rotary/circular polisher, while very effective at polishing paint to remove defects, leaves swirls and holograms in the finish as a result of its direct drive, circular motion.

The LHR15ES is usually used for smaller panels or curvy areas of the exotic cars that the big brother LHR21ES can't do it due to its large 7inch pads.

Technical Specifications:

Velcro Pad mm 125
Polishing Pad Size Max. mm 150
Orbit mm 15
Power W 500
Speed Control
Weight Kg 2.2
Revs R.P.M 1700 - 4800

As Recommended by Todd Cooperider  (AutoWeek Magazine as one of the Top 9 Auto Detailers in the U.S.), the bigfoot system is the 'king of one-step polish' and its large pads can save you a lot of time polishing one area and Todd himself has done numerous testing with different pads and compound combo:

Very heavy defect removel (1500 grit sanding marks): Surbuf pad with Meguiar's M105 compound.

Heavy defect removal: Scholl's White Spider pad or RUPES Blue Compounding pad with Scholl's S3 Gold compound

One-step correction (some paints upwards of 85% correction rate): RUPES Yellow Polishing pad with Sonax Perfect Finish

Finish-Polishing: RUPES White Finishing pad with either Sonax Perfect Finish, Scholl's S30+, or Scholl's S40

RULHR15ES Standard Kit includes:

  • Rupes LHR 15ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher
  • Rupes Big Foot Polisher Bag
  • Rupes Big Foot Detailing Apron
  • 250ml. Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound
  • 250ml. Rupes Quarz Gloss Medium Gel Compound
  • 250ml. Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish
  • 250ml. Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish
  • Blue Coarse Foam Pad, 6 Inches
  • Green Medium Foam Pad, 6 Inches
  • Yellow Polishing Foam Pad, 6 Inches
  • White Finishing Foam Pad, 6 Inches
  • Microfiber detailing cloth

Note: Shipping may take up to 3-5 days to delivered.  Please contact us before ordering.

1 year warranty.

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