ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo 500ml

ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo 500ml
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ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo or Multi-purpose Cleaner is a unique blend of builders, surfactants, chelating agents and water. This product has been formulated specially for application through steam cleaning equipment and can be used either hot or cold to remove grease, dirt, oil and grime. Non-suds chemical for cleaning of cars and parts and easy rinsing.

General Description of the Chemical
Suitable for hot and cold use, ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo or Multi-purpose Cleaners will easily remove oily, soiling and grime from vehicle bodies, chassis and side curtains in a variety of different industries when cleaning. Apply solution upwards to avoid streaks and always rinse thoroughly with clean water after use.

Preparation and Application
For normal washing of car:

Dilute 10 ml to 20 ml of ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo with 15 to 20 litre of water. Use a washing mitts or sponge to wash down the car body. Pressure jet or hose down the car, as there is not much suds and is easily rinsed off.
Note: Do not wash under direct sunlight as to prevent streaking while the temperature is high. The mean temperature is between 25 to 30 degrees.

For heavily soiled body, wheels or cleaning of engine room and under carriage:

Pour the ArtDeShine Organic Shampoo with a mxture of 1 to 3 parts of water into a sprayer. Spray direct on the areas that need to be cleaned. You may use a brush, scrubber or wash sponge for better cleaning. Pressured water jet or hose down the areas.

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