Kamikaze ISM coat 30ml

Kamikaze ISM coat 30ml
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ISM coat Hydrocarbon japan technology

Hydrocarbon Flexible Coating
Hydrocarbons can be called something like paraffin to collectively.
Paraffin will produce a strong glossy that is included in the traditional solid wax. However, paraffin the current technology can be blended glass coating technology and clear purified components to the utmost limit.
And it has the appropriate flexibility that have taken into account the weakness of WATER SPOT by inorganic hard layers of conventional glass coatings.

24-36 month Durability




Japan Glass coating technology was made transparent hydrocarbon with possible to Non-solvent.

*No-Contain Isopropyl Alcohol, Ester Solvents, Toluene, Xylene, Ethylbenzene Kerosene.

Strong water repellent 105°

It is the result of pure component.It does not contain a water repellent component and modified silicone and fluorine. Can be water-repellent performance of ultimate combo with OVER COAT.

Laboratory Testing Data :4-5 years

pH Tolerance: pH 2-11

Thickness Layer:2μm

Hardness:3H-4H(Pencil hardness test)

Gloos:Deep Candy Gloss


Complete Curing time:7days

Is not necessary chemical reactions forced by penetrating solvent.

Just wait the drying time of a few minutes.




To apply, drop a couple of drops of ISM Coat onto a cotton applicator, apply to the paint surface in a straight line and then wait 5-10 minutes for it to cure. Wipe over with a microfibre towel.

What is difference of ISM COAT and MIYABI COAT?

1.Molecular size is different. MIYABI COAT has been produced in smallest manufacturing method.

2.Different chemical reaction (combining painted surfaces) and base material.

3.MIYABI COAT has Natural Shinny Looks. ISM COAT has thickness deep gloss.

4.We are recommended of multi-layer. MIYABI COAT possible primer base coat use.

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