Iron Zero 500ml

Iron Zero 500ml
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The changes to purple to chemical reaction with iron. In addition, it is possible to visually confirm that the iron of the part has been removed!


Iron.Zero of TAC is iron remover of free-acid, PH-balanced. That decontaminate of paint and wheels! Iron.Zero prevents the spread of iron-related damage to protect your vehicle from paint system failure. Your vehicle constantly faces unseen threats. Remove them with Iron.Zero! In one step, you can eliminate the cause and its effects!

Iron.Zero is excellent on automotive paint and safely cleans clear coat. Iron.Zero easily removes ferrous brake dust to protect your wheels from further damage. Iron.Zero can save you the cost of replacing your factory wheels!

Iron.Zero is easy to use and you can see it working! Iron.Zero turns purple when it comes into contact with sintered iron particles.


The iron zero is not filled up to the top of the bottle as it needs an air pocket for the chemical.

How to Use :

1. Wash the surface next, Shake well the bottle.

2. Spray on wait 3~5min. While contaminants change color to purple-red.

3. Wipe with a soft sponge. Don't work under the sunlight. Finally, rinse well with water.


Note : Iron.Zero should not be used on bare metal parts, brake calipers, wheel balancing weights, or SMART paint repairs. Avoid letting Iron.Zero dry on any surface.

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