DK Skin Serum 500ml

DK Skin Serum 500ml
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DK Skin Serum contains UV filters, antioxidants, glycerine and anti-wear elements. The leather stays soft and comfortable. The antioxidants stop the disintegration process of leather during regular use. With daily hazards either by environment or usage, leather would loose it's properties and begin to fade and tear. However, good and reliable products would protect your investment.

Leather is a natural, challenging and valuable product. It has full of character with natural grains with fine appearance. Constant care would extent the lifespan of a leather and enhance its vibrant colors. We (DK) are leather restorer. As a leather specialist, we know even in the aspects of leather care. It requires special skills, products and high degree of responsibilities.

Application :

Apply Skin Serum onto a foam pad sparingly. Then apply the foam pad onto leather surface in circular motion. Going over the same surface again is fine but one time application is sufficient. Please wait for surface to dry and Enjoy the finish.

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