Kamikaze Overcoat Quick Detailer 100ml

Kamikaze Overcoat Quick Detailer 100ml
Brand: Kamikaze Collection
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Kamikaze Collection Made in Japan detailing - Anti-Aging concept! No HYPE!

Filling Hairline scratch with Urethane Resin

Coating nowadays requires a second layer protection to prevent any silica spot or marks to be etch onto the coating base layer. This is where a top up or maintenance spray sealant comes in handy. However, Kamikaze developed a very special spray quick detailer called the OVER COAT. OVER COAT act as a sacrificial layer to the coating and protects it from waterspotting and silica etching. OVER COAT binding to the surface to be coated urethane resin. It is able to fill the hairline scratches and best of all, it is water-based solvent-free. It has no adverse effect on the paint surface. Durability up to 3 months. Hydrophobic water contact 110+ degree!


How to use

Wet body use(After Car wash use)

Three push on a MF cloth and wipe while is wet. If there is hologram, use another dry MF cloth to wipe off.

Dry Body use(Quick Detailer use)

Three push on a MF cloth and wipe panel by panel. It will cover hairline and light hologram scratches. Wipe on, Wipe off concept.


For only professional

Machine use

*Recommended FINAL COSMETIC BUFF.*Dual Action Polisher recommended.The two or three push on the buffing pad. Polish to create Friction and heat, They will penetrate the paint surface. When the OVER COAT start to dry up, wipe off any left over hologram. 130% performance improvement than dry use.



Specification: Sacrificial Coating,Quick Detailer

Component: Modified silicone resin,Silica Water



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