Quartz Magic 30ml

Quartz Magic 30ml
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The clear protective layer formed by Quartz.MAGIC is like a glass coating! It strong adhesion, cleans up easily, and lasts up to one year!


Quartz.MAGIC contains more than 50% pure silica! Silica is making a glass coating for your vehicle's plastic and rubber exterior surfaces. It restores the rich look of faded plastic trim and to keep the color is protected from UV.

Quartz.MAGIC protects surfaces from water spots. Minerals left by water cannot penetrate this tough coating.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of Qurtz.MAGIC, it should be used on a very clean, dry surfaces. Treated surfaces should first be cleaned with an exterior cleaner, such as Detailer's Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner.


How to Use :

Make sure the surface is free of oil & grease. Use Oil Zero

Leave the surface to dry completely.

Shake product sell before application.

Apply a few drops to the suede applicator.

Work the product evenly and in a crisscross motion.

Leave to cure or dry on the surface.


Let cure :

10~1min. at 10~30C respectively.

Excess product and work to create a uniformed finish.


Note :

Full dry time with NO rain 24H.

Any water mars during first 24H must be wiped off! 

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