Kamikaze Infinity wax 50g

Kamikaze Infinity wax 50g
Brand: Kamikaze Collection
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The Ultimate Protection of Hybrid Wax & Coating
53.7% Carnauba Wax + 39.2% Glass Coating blend.

Infinity=∞ That means the performance of the endless amazing.

Japanese technology made ​​it possible to blend the chemical reaction of silica and carnauba which have been impossible in the past.It is an approach for the avant-garde unique state-of-the-art technology. The Deep gloss, such as the hand blend luxury carnauba wax. High durability of inorganic glass coating of Japan. 

This product has been developed with very little to no solvent smell.



Most of Glass Coating's gloss is less than traditional Wax.

KAMIKAZE  COLLECTION develop Hybrid wax for rich gloss of wax, and blend of JapaneseGlass coating technology.

12-24 month Durability


*Laboratory Testing Data :4 years

pH Tolerance: pH 2-11

Thickness Layer:3-5μm

Hardness:6-7H(Pencil hardness test)

Gloos: Hi Reflection Gloss

50g : 2-4car

39.2% Made in Japan Glass Coating+Additive


To apply Infinity Wax, ensure the surface is fully prepped. Infinity Wax needs to be mixed for about a minute then applied sparingly using a foam wax applicator. Apply with light pressure in circular motions allowing the wax to adhere to the paint surface. Leave to set for 90 minutes before buffing with a microfibre towel.




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